Why Use UserAudio

Thank you for coming to our website and downloading our app! We know you have many choices when it comes to listening to, creating, uploading, and sharing audio content. Our goal is to put the power of audio and sound back into the hands of our Users - You. UserAudio provides a fantastic platform for both consumers and generators of audio content. UserAudio provides details about audio and allows our Users to rate content for content (e.g., G, PG, PG-13, R, M, NA) and quality (e.g., thumbs up or down).

By providing a platform for Users to upload free content you can share a part of yourself, build up your business or expertise, or do great things we haven’t even thought of. We are also unique in that we encourage Users to sell content for their own specified price. Have a great bedtime story you came up with, sell it for .25. Record a continuing legal education course on copyright law for lawyers, sell it for 10.00. Create your own audio book on wizards and pirates, sell it for 20.00 We want to help you share your audio content whether, specified as free or premium audio cotent, and to help you obey applicable copyright laws in the process. So give us a try, we think you will be pleased.

Brian Owens - Co-founder