How UserAudio Works

UserAudio helps users to quickly and easily find audio content they want, need, or require. You can browse our collection of User provided audio content in real-time utilizing our website and apps. UserAudio allows you to listen to audio when and where you choose, rate what you listen to, share it, save it for later, or otherwise manage audio.

In addition, UserAudio is configured to help users easily upload and share or sell their audio content. So decide what audio you would like to upload. If you want you can record your audio from our apps or website. Similarly, uploads can be made from any of your devices.

When recording your audio content, you may want to keep the following in mind to ensure optimal quality:
1) Ensure you know what you want to say, record, play, or sing. In some cases a script, notes, or an outline may be helpful;
2) Make sure that your recording device is working properly and that you have the desired environment (e.g., quiet conditions, audience if you want one, etc.);
3) Speak clearly and remove interference from your environment or outside noises; and
4) Verify the content before uploading it to UserAudio.
Did your audio turn out the way you want others to hear it?

So best of luck as you listen to and upload Your Audio, Your Way.