UserAudio Ratings Guidelines

Overall Ratings Include G, PG, PG-13, M

The content owner assigns an initial rating and the users can determine whether the initial rating is appropriate and make a selection themselves.

RatingAge Guidelines/RestrictionsCriteria
G All Ages Allowed to Listen to the Audio Content

Audio content does not include anything that would offend parents with children.

No theme materials, language, adult activities, nudity, sex, sensuality, violence drug references, or so forth that would offend parents with younger children.

Minimal descriptions of violence.

PG All Ages Allowed to Listen to the Audio Content with Parental Guidance

Minor offensive language, minor sexual innuendo, descriptions of nudity, or sexual references, minor drug references, minor violence, and so forth.

There may be minor language or descriptions of violence.

The offensive audio content is not so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned (see PG-13 for example).

Not utilization of significant language (e.g., no F-word), references to drug usage, or descriptions of nudity.

PG-13 Some Audio Content is Unsuitable for Children Under Age Thirteen (13)

Audio content is only appropriate for users thirteen and older (13+), youngerusers may only listen with adult permission

No utilization of the F-word

References to drug use require at least a PG-13 rating.

Descriptions of violenece may not be realistic, extreme, or persistent.

Minor descriptions of nudity that are not sexually oriented.

M The Audio Content is Restricted to Users Eighteen and Older (18+)

Content is only appropriate for adults eighteen and older.

Content may include themes, violence, sexual content, aberrational behavior, drug use, or themes that are too strong for children.