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UserAudio enables Users to upload, record, and share audio content. So upload your informative, entertaining, newsworthy, or other important audio files. If they are important to you, they are important to us. Share your content for free or specify a price. We put the power of sound and audio back into the User’s hands, thus our name!

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Your Audio. Your Way.

UserAudio is the newest audio platform that allows individuals and businesses to upload their audio content. Nobody records and shares audio content the way that the author does. The content can be specified as free or premium content. For premium content,the user specifies the price for selling your audio we keep a reasonable percentage (it drops the more you sell!) that pays our bills and keeps the servers humming. UserAudio allows you to make content available to share with friends, answer questions, learn new information, share stories, and be creative. UserAudio allows users to listen while driving, exercising, or just during free time. The possibilities are unlimited.

You can easily share content using social media. User Audio can be accessed anywhere using a browser or the official iOS and Android apps that are available for free on your smartphone or tablet. There are no membership fees or ongoing costs. User Audio - Your Audio, Your Way.

How it works?

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